Saulnier Renee

I tried this for first time recently and found that it gave me suc h accurate results . I recommend this for everyone as it can give us a holistic view of whats happening in the body and how to prevent so much. I hv. Searched for so long to find ways to treat my symptoms. It bridges the gap between giving us accurate result yet treating the symptoms in a wholistic method.

Sumire Hashimoto

I brought more than 10 of my friends. Japanese people are interested in the new technology for keeping healthy. We dislike medicine so tht give us damages. When i get infection my throat i repair with this technology without medicine. Good for bacteria virus fungus . Almost my problem was repair about 2x treatment.

Kent Penny

Just want to say th k you for those 2 shorts sessions of bioresonance at your clinic. I can honestly say tht after 4 days the symptoms haven’t reoccured and if i do get any and its only minor compare to before. Im sure if i continued with fewmore sessions it would dissapear completely. Thanks a bunch!!! For any of you in Bali reading this , and hv any sort of ailments , go and see this wonderful lady up at the bukit. Opposite dreamlNd entran e. Blue med
Clinic. You won’t be disappointed !!

Nathan White

Great place to go for holistic healing , go and give it a go you will be surprise, my daughter has also used it with great result.


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